Mississippi?s rising generation will inherit a state brimming with potential but mired at the bottom of nearly every national ranking in education, health, and?poverty. If we hope to detach ourselves from the number 50, we must?rethink?our approach to the state?s entrenched social, political, and economic challenges. That process starts with an honest discussion of the state we are today — and the state we aspire to be.

Rethink Mississippi?hopes to contribute to that discussion by providing well-researched insight, analysis, and commentary about the state’s critical?issues. Our contributors come from a range of backgrounds, but most work directly with the issues they write about in schools, nonprofits, or community organizations. As we see it, these are the people who are committed to making a difference over the next generation.?RM offers them a space to be heard and, more importantly, hear from each other.

Who We Are

What We Believe

  • Every Mississippian deserves the chance for a quality education, a job that pays a livable wage, decent housing on a safe street, affordable and accessible healthcare, and the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Persistent poverty, particularly among children, is morally abhorrent and fiscally inefficient. Stopping the intergenerational transmission of poverty must be an economic and humanitarian imperative.
  • Mississippi must end all discrimination based on difference and commit to dismantling systems of oppression and exploitation. We aspire for an equitable society in which race is no longer a reliable predictor of a Mississippian’s economic, educational, or health outcomes.
  • All children must have access to free, high-quality early childhood and K-12 education that prepares them for gainful employment and active citizenship.
  • Mississippi’s future is jeopardized by its inability retain or attract people who have the option to live elsewhere. Many young people leave to find professional, educational, or social opportunities that Mississippi does not offer. It is critical to examine the causes of outmigration and reverse them.
  • Mississippi’s success is dependent on Jackson’s success. The state needs a vibrant urban center to accelerate economic growth and attract people and capital to the state.
  • A healthy policymaking process demands wider engagement in vigorous, data-driven, and constructive public discourse about these and other critical issues facing Mississippians.

How To Reach Us

If you want to get in touch, please contact Jake McGraw.

Email: james.k.mcgraw@gmail.com

Phone: 662-816-1879

Twitter: @RethinkMS