We are always looking for new voices at RM. If you?d like to submit an article, please contact editor@rethinkms.org with a short bio and a few sentences about your topic.

RM?generally publishes articles in one of three formats: features, analysis, and commentary.?We prioritize five key issue areas (education, economic advancement, health, justice, and society) and several cross-cutting themes (race, poverty, gender and identity, the environment and urbanization, brain drain, faith). If your topic falls outside the scope of these issues, please let us know why you think it bears inclusion in?RM. There?s a good chance it?s just something we hadn?t thought of.

We will edit submissions for style and structure, but we will not change the point of view expressed. The author will have final say over all edits.

We will do our best to fact-check articles, but the burden for veracity rests on the author. As such, the editor may ask for citations of all facts and assertions (even though they might not be published in the final article.)

We ask that articles be original and submitted exclusively to RM? no reprints.