Jon Stewart’s run as host of Comedy Central’s?The Daily Show?came to an end last night. Few subjects escaped his comedic gaze over the past 16 years, and the?state of Mississippi is no exception. We say farewell with some of our favorite segments about the Magnolia State.

On?the state flag?(2001):

To its defenders, it’s a proud symbol of heritage. To its opponents, a shameful symbol of hate. Well, like most things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The flag is a proud symbol of a shameful heritage of hate.

On the?ratification of the 13th Amendment… (2013):

So Mississippi, two things on the recent ratification. First, better late than never. And second, this is pretty f**king late.

…Followed by an?apology to Dick Molpus?(2013):

Maybe I’m apologizing to Mississippi for painting it as some kind of reluctant entrant to modern morality… Yeah, no.

On gay marriage (2013):

I guess for all our attempts to stereotype Southerners for stereotyping gay people, they showed us they won’t be put in a box… Unless that’s what they’re into.

On Thad Cochran’s victory?(2014):

Voters had to choose whether establishment?Republican?Thad Cochran or Tea Party?challenger Chris McDaniel were better suited to go to Washington and refuse to cooperate with the President.

On Turkey Creek’s bird preserve?(2011):

Turkey Creek, Mississippi. Founded by freed slaves in 1866, it’s been a thriving haven for local black residents… which means a dumping ground for everyone else.

On downsizing government?(2012):

Mississippi… Whoa, whoa. Dead last in per capita income. You are costing the federal government $20 billion. You know what, I think we’re going to have to let the market decide.

On Medicaid non-expansion (2013):

What about you, Mississippi — or as you’re also known, the 49th-healthiest-state-in-the-union-issippi?

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